All Volunteers, Staff and Contractors for Brea’s Youth Theatre and Stagelight Productions shall follow the guidelines of supervision as follows:

1. Two-deep Leadership:

Two (2) registered, adult volunteers and/or parents of a participant will supervise the children in the cast at all times. Any adult and/or parent in the Backstage Area of the Theatre must be either a paid staff member of Stagelight Productions, the City of Brea, or a registered Volunteer.

(Please note: Registered volunteers must have a completed and signed volunteer application on file with the City of Brea.).

At no time shall an adult and child be alone together without the presence of another adult. One-on-one contact between adults and children is not permitted. This includes the Theatre’s Backstage Area (i.e. Restrooms, Green Room, Cement Room, Dressing Rooms, etc.), as well as areas inside the Brea Senior Center and Civic Center. In the event that a Personal Conference is necessary, the meeting is to be conducted in view of other adults and children.

2. Respect Privacy:

Adult Supervisors and Volunteers must respect the privacy of youth cast members in situations such as, but not limited to, changing clothes or using the restrooms. Adult Supervisors and Volunteers should intrude only in the event that health and safety are at risk. Adults are responsible to protect their own privacy in similar situations.


Constructive and Progressive Discipline:

Discipline used should be constructive, progressive, and at all times shall reflect the highest standard of values. Corporal punishment is never permitted. To provide a positive theatrical experience and ensure the safety of all participants, the following steps will be taken for children who exhibit unacceptable behavior:

1. Disruptive behavior will be reported to the Producer, Janice Kraus. From there, Janice will conduct a Discipline Conference with the participant. At this time, the participant in question will be asked to sign and date a Discipline Conference Report. Stagelight Productions staff will notify parents.

2. If the disruptive behavior continues, the participant’s parents will be notified. Producer, Janice Kraus, will have a conference with the cast member and his/her parent(s). Both the participant and his/her parent(s) will be asked to sign and date a second Discipline Conference Report. (Please note: The parent and child’s signature indicates only that the conference took place and does not indicate agreement with the Producer).

3. If the disruptive behavior continues, the participant’s parent(s) will be asked to attend all remaining rehearsals and remain Backstage during performances to monitor their child’s behavior.

4. If the previous interventions are not successful, the participant will be dismissed from the production. Participation in future productions will be at the discretion of Stagelight Productions and the Curtis Theatre.