Backstage Crew (MIB)

MIB: Men and Moms In Back

Have you ever wondered how you could support your child’s desire to perform? Well, becoming an MIB is the perfect opportunity for you to help with the production, spend time with your child backstage, and provide a safe environment for the entire cast. Best of all, most of our work is completed while your child is rehearsing or performing.

We offer many ways for you to contribute. Our set designer and leader, Kevin Clowes, guides the MIBs through each step in the process. Kevin and the experienced MIBs make sure that we find the appropriate job for every MIB based on each individual’s skill set. We have MIBs from all walks of life, and no experience is required.

MIBs perform many different tasks. Occasionally, we build a set from the ground up under Kevin’s excellent guidance. Usually, though, we begin by moving the set from Janice’s warehouse (some items are very heavy and some are very light). Once the set arrives at the theatre, we begin the process of assembling the set. Much of the work requires little strength, as we simply need many hands to hold pieces in place while they are screwed or bolted together. After the set is assembled, we perform repairs, inspect for safety, and add final details like paint and decorations.

With the set in place, we begin the process of working with Janice during Tech Week so we can learn how we will move the set pieces for each scene change. Then we’re ready for opening night.

During the performances, the primary role of the MIB is to provide a safe experience for the entire cast and crew. This involves MIBs shining flashlights and holding curtains back to make sure that the cast gets on and off stage safely. We also move set pieces and place props. Between scene changes, we get to watch our kids from the wings of the theatre. There is nothing like getting to watch your own child interacting with other kids of all ages who love performing.

The MIBs are truly a special community within Stagelight Productions. Once you experience the camaraderie and friendship that develops backstage, you will see why many MIBs come back to help even after their own kids have grown up. Come spend some time with other parents who actively support the arts in our community, and watch the proud smile on your child’s face as they see that you are one of MIBs that make Stagelight Productions so special.

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